As the first additional admin on board, thought it would be prudent to do a quick introduction!

My name’s Symes. I’m also a long time fan of Doctor Who (and no, I don’t just mean the last 11 years 😉 ). With help from my wife, also a long time fan, I run the biggest Classic Doctor page on Facebook.

My Doctor was Tom Baker. He was my mums favourite, and through her I was introduced to Tom’s Fourth Doctor, and the show in general, at 5 years old. I even had a big mop of curly hair like Tom at that age!

Through the 80’s I was entranced not only by Tom, but by Peter Davison’s 5th Doctor, Colin Baker’s 6th Doctor, and of course Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh incarnation of our favourite Time Lord. And then the show disappeared from our screens. As a moody little teenager by that point, I’m not ashamed to admit I threw a little strop! So my parents bought me the subsequent Missing Adventure novels to keep me happy.

Fast forward 7 years, and all that angst and annoyance at the Doctor not being on our screens any more evaporated when the TV Movie arrived. Great, I thought. A new series will spawn from this. Sadly it was not to be, but thanks to Russell T Davies, we did eventually get a new series in 2005. That re-ignited my passion for the show. A passion I thought was lost.

Since then, I have gone on to collect and watch every single classic Who DVD. Great stories from Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee I’d never seen. Whilst Tom is still MY Doctor, Patrick Troughton has surpassed him as my FAVOURITE Doctor (there is a difference, ask any fan!).

I hope to bring all my years and love of Doctor Who to this great blog. You can find me here on wordpress at tuskendruid (yes, I’m a Star Wars nut as well, that’s for another day).

Symes, out.