One of the things I love about 21st century Doctor Who is the concept of Fixed Points in time, that some events have to happen such as Bowie Base 1 exploding or the Doctor dying at Lake Silencio in 2011 etc, but it got me thinking about certain events in 20th century Doctor Who and I am starting to think that Mondas appearing in orbit of Earth in 1986 and blowing up is a fixed point in time, The Doctor seems to know what’s going to happen before it happens, has he read up on it? Or is it Time Lord intuition that he knows this will always occur, he’s quite forceful in that the Base in Antarctica doesn’t do anything and it’s possible the launch of the Z Bomb would have been aborted if Ben and Polly and the Doctor handn’t arrived when they did, In attack of the Cybermen the Doctor is concerned that the Cybermen will fracture the Web of time if their plan succeeds, Hartnell sadly doesn’t have much to do in his final story and that’s such  a shame but he still gets some great scenes and attention is always drawn to him especially at the end of part 4, I personally think that yes, the events of The Tenth Planet are a fixed point in time but I can also see why others think not, The Tenth Planet had several firsts,  The first appearance of the Cybermen, the first regeneration, the first appearance of Patrick Troughton…was it also the first time we saw a fixed point in time?


Tenth Planet Cyberman