I first got into Doctor Who in the early 1990s when I was 10, A friend introduced me to it when UK Gold would show complete stories every weekend, The first story I recall watching was Resurrection of the Daleks, I was an instant fan, However being that age I didn’t want to see any black and white stories as they were rubbish with rubbish effects, so the only experience I had of Hartnell was The Three Doctors and the opening of The Five Doctors, If I wanted to watch a Hartnell story I’d watch the Peter Cushing movies, after the TV movie I realised the show wouldn’t come back so I stopped watching, I fell in love with Star Trek instead, when the show came back in 2005 I was an instant fan again, I wanted to go back and watch the classics and so I bought the Caves of Androzani, and then I did something I thought I’d never do, I bought Dalek invasion of Earth, it was on a price reduction so I thought why not, may as well give it a watch….and instantly loved it, Hartnell won me over straight away, His Doctor was brilliant and cunning and quick witted, Ian and Barbara and Susan were great and to this day Ian and Barbara are my favourite companionsHartnell, I was a fan straight away so I went out and bought The Beginning boxset, I couldn’t believe I didn’t watch his stuff before, I love his era of the show, not every story is a classic, I can’t stand The Web Planet and The Smugglers is boring as hell and the behind the scenes issues with his health and er….his right wing views are now common knowledge but that doesn’t take anything away from his Doctor, He is utterly captivating to watch, without him the show wouldn’t have been a success, I probably wouldn’t still be a fan of the show now if I hadn’t bought Dalek invasion of Earth, I love that the Moffat era had acknowledged the First Doctor more and more to even getting to see him leaving Gallifrey in Name of the Doctor, God bless you Doctor Who and thank you, Thank you so much for making me a fan.