“DOCTOR: Yes, they dare. And we have got to dare to stop them.”

For me that is the exact moment the Doctor is born, up until The Dalek invasion of Earth the first Doctor is an explorer, but he’s also cynical and angry and doesn’t trust anyone except Susan, Let’s not forget that he actually kidnaps Ian and Barbara, he could let them go but he kidnaps them and for their families they have disappeared from the face of the Earth, in each first season story as soon as there is trouble he wants to leave however external influences keep him behind, The missing Fluid Link in The Daleks means he has to stay and help the Thals, The Keys of Marinus has his Tardis blocked by a forcefield and so on and so forth, The Dalek invasion of Earth is the first time he actively makes a decision to stay and defeat the Daleks and that line when he realises what they are upto is when he makes the decision to not leave until they’re defeated, However before then the Doctor is mysterious and is also totally watchable, Ian and Barbara help humanise him, and after Invasion of Earth he is a true hero, The first Doctor goes through one hell of a story arc and he actually grows as a character, it can be said the next Doctor to grow as a character is the third Doctor and then the seventh Doctor, the others are pretty much the same throughout their run (with no disrespect to the others of course) and the Doctor wouldn’t have story arcs like this again until 2005, Hartnell owns every scene he is in, He is the Doctor, 100%, He is hilarious at times, you can’t imagine the Doctor in the Gunfighters being so at ease in season 1,  and he is frightening at times (look at Inside the spaceship when he is determined Ian and Barbara are to blame for the troubles and he is going to throw them off the ship), and he is utterly brilliant at times, his one liners are amazing and even his fluffs have passed into legend, William Hartnell is amazing as the Doctor and when he left the show it wasn’t certain Patrick Troughton would succeed and it could have been a gamble too far, Bill Hartnell is the Doctor, I just hope in the future other younger fans decide to watch him and fall in love with his stories and his Doctor just as we have.