Instantly recognisable the Daleks are synonymous with Doctor Who. As iconic as the central character and his bigger on the inside Police Box, possibly more so in some corners of the Universe they have become an institution in their own right.

We all know now what a Dalek is, a seething, bubbling mass of hate in its own life support unit / personal battle tank, and their look is seared into the psyche of fans around the world. But a large part of that success is due to their first sory and the reactions of the Doctor and his travelling companions.

The Doctor’s response to the Daleks is utterly convincing, he treats them as he would a human or humanoid character. They are real to him. A real threat and a real set if characters. By the end of the story we know how malevolent they are by his, and the non dalek supporting cast’s reactions to them. When Ian and the Doctor remove the mutant from its casing they send Susan and Barbara to keep watch so they don’t see the gruesome contents. 

All of this adds to make the Daleks a stand out creation and one flew like a dream. The nature of them provided by Terry Nation, the appearance provided by Raymond Cusick and the fear of them given to us by William Hartnell and Co is what made them the villains that they are today.