It wasn’t until about 2010 I started to buy the Big Finish range of Doctor Who stories, being a huge of the Alternate reality genre I went for the Unbound range, it was self contained, they were cheap and if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t have to buy any more…..I LOVED THEM (Except for Exile) and wanted to buy more so I took a look at what was available….and the sheer size of it all overwhelmed me, it’s so big, I didn’t know where to start so I asked people and they all had different ideas, so I decided to go with Jubilee, a great choice BUT WHO THE HELL IS EVELYN?  Would I have to go back and see other stories with her in or what about stories where the Doctor met characters he met several years ago but I’d be expected to understand why they were enemies or friends, So I didn’t buy any, I turned my back on it, it was too big and that’s an argument that can be made today with numerous spin offs and boxsets and timey whimey stories, people new to the franchise can be put off, with the license extended to the end of Name of the Doctor it’s going to get bigger still and there are several jumping on points for new fans such as the 10th Doctor boxset and the River Song stories but if they want to have some past Doctor stories it can be intimidating and that can only hurt the franchise, In 2012 I spoke to Nicholas Briggs at a Big Finish stand and expressed my concern because I was wanting to buy some but didn’t know where to start, To be fair he understood and he offered his advice “Start at the beginning” and he personally recommended Sirens of Time and Storm Warning for the 8th Doctor, So I did and I’m glad I did, my Big Finish is expanding and I’ve decided to concentrate on the 6th Doctor and the War Doctor for now but I have others and it’s looking healthier, I have Dark Eyes collection and numerous other 8th Doctor stories but even now when I look at the range, it is very very big, and it can still put me off, what about you?  Do you think the Big Finish Doctor Who universe is too big?dwmr001_thesirensoftime_1417_cover_large