It’s being reported in the press (well, the Mirror but I’ll take it) that Power of the Daleks is being fully animated for release.  

Quite how it will be released I imagine is yet to be decided. However I hope that it does get released as part of the classic dvd range.

There was of course an interesting video showing some of the upcoming animation that turned up a week or so ago and it looked absolutely devine. This video was removed with about ten hours.

This will be the first fully animated recon so here’s hoping a few more will get a release. It would be nice for this to do well so others follow in its footsteps.  

It will finally be fantastic to see the only missing ‘first story’ for a Doctor on Dvd and taking its rightful place after the Tenth Planet on my DVD shelves!

Below are some screen caps from the sampler that was uploaded to YouTube and subsequently removed.