​With the recent reports/rumours of a fully animated release of ‘Power of the Daleks’ forthcoming I thought it may be worth revisiting this piece I wrote a few months back. 

With the Classic era Doctor Who DVD range now essentially finished it seems  unlikely we will get anymore releases of classic stories with missing episodes.

I love the stories that have had their missing episodes animated but it has been restricted to stories with two or less missing episodes.
(Although this doesn’t explain  why ‘The Crusade ‘,  ‘The Web of Fear’ episode three and ‘The Underwater Menace’ haven’t had the same treatment, but that’s another story)

Being able to watch ‘The Tenth Planet ‘,  ‘The Moonbase’ or even ‘The Ice Warriors’ without having to resort to restrictive and often repetitive telesnap recons is a pure joy, despite some of the animation being a bit hit and miss.

Don’t get me wrong either, the guys who took the time and care to take the telesnaps and audio recordings deserve our undying gratitude, but they can be difficult to endure at times.

Animated recons just add a whole dimension to those stories where it has been applied and it’s a shame to think that is all we are getting.

Bearing that I’m mind here is my suggestion.
We should approach the BBC and ask if they will let us crowd fund the animation of the rest of the missing episodes. (Dammit if I won the lottery I would fund them myself).
Even abridged versions of stories akin to the ‘Galaxy 4’ recon would be great as that works really nicely.  

I’m pretty sure many of us would happily donate if it means we could sit and watch ‘The Dalek’s Masterplan’, ‘Evil of the Daleks’, ‘The Highlanders’ or ‘Marco Polo’….

Can you imagine a box set of those missing stories being released?
How tasty would that look on our DVD shelves?