I didn’t create the above image but it does illustrate a hypothetical ‘what if?’ that I have…..

What if this conversation between Sarah Jane and the Third Doctor influenced the form of the Fourth Doctor when the Third Doctor regenerated.

We know that there is a modicum of choice when the Doctor enters the regeneration cycle. It is implied with Matt Smith’s incarnation’s conversation with the Curator in Day of the Doctor. We also know that the Doctors subconscious mind can have a hand in the choosing, as with our current Doctor Peter Capaldi and his echoing of a face from his past.

Add to this the ‘Tenth’ Doctors deliberate choice to keep his face while his body healed, (This of course still used up a regeneration as confirmed in ‘Time of the Doctor’) and it becomes evident that regeneration doesn’t have to be as random as we once thought (or were led to believe) .

Finally, we do know that this must be late in the Third Doctors time line as he knows Sarah, therefore the regeneration is looming in his not too distant future…..

Anyhow, this is just my own random headcanon, but it works for me, but what do you think?  

Let us know in the comments. 

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