The Cybermen are arguably the second most popular Doctor Who monster (certainly during the 63-89 era of the show). Their first appearance came in William Hatnells final story ‘the Tenth Planet’.

Once flesh and blood humanoids like ourselves they replaced body parts and organs with machinery and prosthetics. But more importantly they also altered their brains, taking away emotions and ‘feelings’ and becoming a race driven by logic and a strong need to survive and proliferate. Co created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis they would be a staple of the show (barring Jon Pertwee’s era and only appearing once against Tom Baker) and to Doctor Who fans were easily as recognisable and as scary as the Daleks. 

The sheer horror of what they Cybermen had done to themselves, becoming little more than cold, Unfeeling cyborgs has meant that their popularity endured during the wilderness years and ensured their return when the show was revived (although it took a couple of seasons). 

Some would argue that the modern Cybermen have lost some of that original ‘body horror’ of the originals, becoming more robot than cyborg and losing their ‘organic’ or ‘squishy’ feel but yet they endure and continue to scare subsequent generations of fans regardless of external appearances.  

It’s clear that their mantra of ‘We Will Survive’ has served to keep them in the viewers consciousness since the mid Sixties and kept them as one of the most popular creations in the shows history. So here at Blogopolis we are celebrating all that is Cyber today. We hope you enjoy…..