For many Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor is the definitive Doctor, and certainly the first Doctor to set the character template that is still recognisable today. 

Fiercely loyal to his friends, and to doing what is right, yet with a charm and wit that he would use to disarm and befuddle his enemies.

This funny little man with an iron resolve would come up against a veritable menagerie of monsters and wrong doers and always best them during his time at the Tardis console. 

Sadly many of his stories would be lost to the BBC’s shortsighted archiving policy, meaning he was sorely under-represented in DVD’s and repeats. Luckily of course it was decided that some of his (and William Hartnell’s) partial stories would be animated. The first animated episodes were the two missing parts of the eight part Cyberman epic ‘the Invasion’. 

This proved to be a popular move and would soon be followed with releases of more of his partially complete stories. Adding to that the relatively recent finding of ‘the Web of Fear’ and ‘Enemy of the World’ means we can see more of his Doctor than ever since his run ended. 

We also have the fully animated release of ‘Power of the Daleks’ coming in a couple of months allowing us to watch his very first story for the first time since airing.

In the 1980’s Pat would return to the role of the Doctor in the 20th anniversary special ‘the Five Doctors’ and ‘The Two Doctors’ winning him a whole new generation of fans (myself included) who had never had the chance to see him in action. 

It’s fair to say he struggled with the heavy workload during his time as the Doctor and didn’t overly enjoy it. 

Luckily later in life he would return to the fold and became a regular at conventions (often larking about with Jon Pertwee, aping the friction between the two incarnations we would see in ‘the Three Doctors’ and ‘The Five Doctors’) much to the fans delight.

We as fans owe a great deal to Patrick Troughton. Had the role of William Hartnell’s successor been given to a lesser actor I doubt the show would be where it is today. Luckily Patrick was a character actor of considerable skill and range and his portrayal would ensure the shows longevity after the original lead actors departure.

And what better way to celebrate him, but with a weekend dedicated to this wonderful Doctor!