Well its that time of the year again when the merchandising ramps up ready for the Christmas splurge. Calendars, posters, toys and all sorts of ‘memorabilia’ of varying degrees of quality becomes available. 

A new calendar is out and there is a certain incarnation of the Doctor curiously omitted….. can you guess who? Im sure you all can. I am of course referring to Sir John Hurt’s Doctor. The Doctor who fought the Time War, and although it would be forgotten, the Doctor who saved Gallifrey.

I have reached the point now where I am exhausted by, and a little bored of having to point out that his Doctor is as important (and possibly more so) as any other of the incarnations the Doctor has had. You see, to me he isn’t 8.5, or ‘the War Doctor’ or any other name folk want to throw in his general direction, he is just the Doctor. The same as every other face he has worn. Ok, psychologically he didn’t feel he had the right to call himself the Doctor. By the end of ‘Day of the Doctor’ however he had earned back the name and earned his redemption. 

Screen time wise he has probably had around about the same time, possibly a little less than Paul McGann, and people dont call him ‘7.5’ or the ‘movie Doctor’.
Ok, so the reason his Doctor came about was largely down to the fact that Christopher Eccleston had no particular interest in reprising his role as the Doctor, but that in story terms doesn’t devalue, or make him illegitimate in any way.

When calendars, or art produced after November 2013 deliberately miss him off I find it incredibly rude and insulting. 

Maybe the fact that Sir John Hurt is proud to have been one of our Doctors fuels that sense of injustice I feel on his behalf. Yes the re-numbering issue is the chief reason we dont call him the ninth Doctor, but he bloody well is and that shouldn’t stop him standing shoulder to shoulder between Paul and Christopher. 

So lets raise the issue as fans. Write to DWM, mention it in customer feedback. Just point out to the beeb, and those they grant licence to, that we fans regard him in the same way we do any other Doctor. 

Sorry, rant over…… for now at least.