We thought it might be a nice idea to introduce ourselves to you…


My names Jeff and I am a lifelong Doctor Who fan. Many of my long suffering friends will testify that I can bring almost any conversation back to Doctor Who.

I also dabble in Fan Art, making digital edits of things I would like to see. I’ve done several Time War pieces and and a few collections.

Doctor Who has been a constant inspiration to me since childhood and I certainly can’t see that changing anytime soon.

I am currently watching all the stories from the classic era with my my wife and daughters and we are mid way through Jon Pertwee’s first season. So expect random reviews and thoughts on stories as we go.


My name’s Symes, a Doctor Who fan since the age of about 5. I’m now 40. My love for the mysterious Time Lord from Gallifrey has never waned over the years.

I met my lovely wife through the Doctor Who fandom on Facebook, and we had a Doctor Who themed wedding – I dressed as Tom Baker’s season 18 Doctor, and my wife as Mary Tamm’s Romana (you know the gorgeous white outfit with the feathery hood…)

We spend our time administrating a Classic Doctor Facebook page, and the Doctor is always with me, as my left arm is tattooed with the TARDIS, a Cyberman and a Dalek! I’m also a huge Star Wars fan, hence my user name – and there’s a Tusken Raider tattoed on my left calf. Yes, I like my tattoos too.

I’ll do my best to provide insightful thoughts and random musings relating to our favourite wanderer from the 4th Dimension.

St. Xtofer

I’m a Dad, a brewer, a runner, a part-time chicken farmer, a voracious reader, a sweary drunk and a rabid Doctor Who fan.

I’ve not been in the Whoniverse as long as your average classic Doctor Who fan. I started with the new series (well aside from catching an occasional episode on PBS when I was a pup). But I quickly expanded into the classic series and from there have gone on to the books, audios, podcasts, conventions and pretty much anything and everything. There’s not much out there I haven’t been into and I don’t bother with silly notions like ‘canon’.

I’m also a bit of podcasting whore. I’ve made appearances on Dirty Whoers, The Doctor Who Book Club, Radio Rassilon and I can currently be found hanging around with JB Anderton on WHO37 reviewing Big Finish stories.


As most people know, I am a huge fan of the Cybermen. I am in my early 40’s and have been a Doctor Who fan since the days of Tom Baker in the 70’s. My fave all time story is The Time Warrior, which surprises a lot of folk considering my love of the Cybermen. 

I live in Glasgow and I have my own Classic Who page on Facebook which I started a few months ago and am actually enjoying running it. Apart from DW, I am a big music fan and listen to all kinds of stuff from early classic blues, jazz, country, reggae, dub, ska, rockabilly, punk, krautrock, electronic, metal, classic rock, experimental stuff, library music and a whole host of other genres and styles. I also play guitar and like reading.